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How Pediatric PittNet Helps

Pediatric PittNet works with your child’s doctors to improve the health of our region’s children. To do this, we bring together doctors from practices like Children’s Community Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital to work with faculty in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Graduate School of Public Health. Together, this network is dedicated to discovering new ways to improve the health and wellness of our children through research. Their research covers both behavioral conditions like autism and ADHD and physical conditions like ear infections. This then helps doctors learn more about how these issues affect our children and how best to prevent, diagnose, and treat them.

Research Opportunities and Current Studies

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Actively Recruiting Pediatric Studies

We have a variety of research opportunities for families and their children. Please visit the Current Studies section for information on studies actively recruiting in our network. Information is provided on each study’s research flyer as well as the contact information. If you are interested in a particular study, please call the phone number on the flyer for more information.


Adult & Pediatric Research Studies

For additional research opportunities, visit the Pitt+Me Research Registry. You can search for studies by research category for both children and adults. Join the Pitt+Me research community to receive newsletters and studies matched to your health preferences. Sign up to become a part of improving health through research.

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Parent Panel

Share your opinions and feedback on pediatric clinical research. Pediatric PittNet is looking for parent volunteers to join our Parent Panel. Learn more.

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Parent Board

Our parent board is a group of parents who volunteer their time to provide information and feedback on research protocols. Learn more.

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As healthcare providers and scientists at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh work together to develop new vaccines, research participants are needed to take part in clinical trials to test them. The Pittsburgh Vaccine Clinical Trial Unit Registry is looking for adults and children ages 2 months and older who may be interested in participating in vaccine-related clinical trials in the future.