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Help Support Our Mission to Improve Children’s Health by Facilitating Research

As an investigator participating in the Pediatric PittNet network, you can take advantage of the many approaches Pediatric PittNet uses to recruit participants - everything from posting (paper-based and electronic) to on-site screening and enrollment in selected practices.

Grant Submission Consultations

Pediatric PittNet provides consultations for grant submissions. We are available to assist with recruitment planning, feasibility, budget preparation and implementation in pediatric primary care practices prior to submission. We recommend scheduling your consultation 3-6 months before your submission deadline, but we are happy to support your grant at any stage. To schedule a consultation, please contact Carrie Fascetti at

Letter of Support

Pediatric PittNet provides Letters of Support for grant applications, pending committee review and approval. Learn more about applying for a PittNet letter of support.

Posting Services

Research studies interested in posting study information such as study flyers in any of the Pediatric PittNet practices have the following options available. These services are coordinated by PittNet.

Message Board

42” flat screen TVs are mounted in almost all of our practice waiting rooms. The boards run informational slides for research studies and other parent education. Running order is updated quarterly according to active studies, applicable health observances, and important awareness dates.

Paw Prints

Paw Prints is our monthly mini e-newsletter to all Pediatric PittNet providers. Here, you will find brief updates about research across our network, study results, invitations to events, and much more.


Our website is available to the public. Information listed includes an active studies list, newsletters, study of the month announcements. Links are also provided for research and clinical resources.

The Paw

The Paw is our annual network newsletter distributed to all Pediatric PittNet members. Every issue contains a complete list of active studies and full length articles on select research projects, announcements, and news.

Study of the Month

Every month a research study is selected to be featured. A study flyer is distributed to all Pediatric PittNet providers through the monthly Paw Prints, which contains important study information, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and contact information. These flyers are distributed to all Pediatric PittNet providers, featured and then archived on our website.

Pediatric PittNet Research Staff Recruitment Services

Pediatric PittNet Research Nurses and Research Assistants are available to provide recruitment support for your study. Pediatric PittNet research staff are available to identify and enroll eligible participants, as well as conduct study enrollment (consent) and follow-up visits, for approved studies in selected pediatric practices.

The Pediatric PittNet Research Staff are trained by the study’s Principal Investigator on study procedures such as obtaining consent and implementing the protocol in pediatric practices.

On-Site Recruitment

PittNet Research Staff are available to identify, screen, and enroll participants on-site in our network practices. PittNet Research staff are also able to conduct follow-up visits and perform study procedures pending training, such as nose and throat swabs.


PittNet Research Staff are able to identify potential participants, conduct screening questionnaires, collect contact information, and refer participants to study staff for consent and enrollment.

Remote Recruitment

Remote recruitment is available to help identify, screen, and enroll participants that are patients in our network practices. PittNet Research Staff can conduct chart review, complete e-consents, and send study materials and links to participants.

Letter Mailing and Follow-up Calls

Pediatric PittNet will facilitate approaching network practices and get approval for PittNet research staff to receive a list of eligible patients. Research staff will mail an approved letter to potential participants and will conduct follow-up calls to discuss the study, screen, and refer/enroll.

Not sure what service is right for you?

Please schedule a meeting with our Pediatric PittNet Administrator to discuss these services in more detail. A budget meeting should occur with the Administrator prior to grant submission.

For more information or to schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss Pediatric PittNet research staff services, please contact:
Pediatric PittNet Administrator - Carrie Fascetti